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ECU Remapping

Bulent Eroglu Jun 3, 2018

  1. Bulent Eroglu

    Bulent Eroglu New Member

    I have the Audi A7 Ultra 218ps and on Quantum tuning it states that my car bhp will increase a value of 42% which will make it 310 bhp. I am having trouble trying to convince my self because I find it ridiculous how it nearly goes up by 100 . I read some stuff regarding that the 218 is just a downgraded version but I wanted to make sure with you guys, thank you.


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  3. bryston

    bryston New Member

    Hi there,
    For my A4 B9 218ps - the same company suggests a 47% increase is possible in BHP and a whopping 70% in torque (Nm). Makes me think they don't really care about what they advertise.

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