ECU Reflash reliability?


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hi all..

considering buying a 8P 2007 S3 (AUS spec).

i've read about the various reflash options available and the massive increases in power.

i'm wondering who's had these mods done and for how long.

i guess looking at the gains, i question how long the engine can survive without supporting mods...especially given it's a tweaked version of the GTI motor? i saw 1.4 bar being mentioned somewhere which is a significant increase from 1.2 bar.

as a background, i currently have a 2004 wrx running 1.25 bar, with a interceptor, larger intercooler, 3inch exhaust with conservative AFR pulling 164 kw at the wheels. does 0-60mph in 5.14 sec.

i have a larger turbo (td05h-big 16g), 550cc sti injectors, 550cc walbro pump, and new ecu waiting to go in but i know 200kw atw is the max the car's internals can take.

what are the limits of the s3 without changing to forged pistons etc?


2008 Audi S3
S3's in South Africa with chip + intake + downpipe are doing around 205kW on the wheels, with no problems. 1/4 mile times in the middle of 13 seconds at Johannesburg altitude (1600m above sea level I think)


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The S3 engine isn't just a tweaked GTI motor. Lots of work has been done by Audi so it can handle the power gains on offer.

Here's a quote form the S3 press release "Pistons with stronger pins and strengthened connecting rods with new bearings
transmit the powerful forces to the crankshaft. The cylinder block has been stiffened
up and the head is made of a new, highly heat-resistant alloy."

Have a read of Jonnyc's build thread and I believe he did all that work without touching the internals.