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Hi,just spent a fortune on servicing and various other items, i had a high tickover around 1500/1800 rpm but put it down to faulty lambda,air leak or mass sensor but guess what.......yes it's the ecu, i have no output to bank one sensor one their should be about 1v they said and thats why it's idle is high because it's trying to compensate. Anyone else had similar probs or heard of this, they said it might be repairable.
i have not but ..... what year/engine?


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I would try either the ecudoctor I think they are based in Devon or bba-reman. A mate got his ecu repaired by the ecudoctor and they seemed ok. I contacted bba-reman for a quote to repair a dash panel and they seem very professional.
Hope this helps
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what fault codes did you get?