ECU counter 1/1


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just a quick question has anyone checked the ecu counter via vagcom/vcds just out of curiosity? I got this -


VCDS Version: Release 14.10.2 (x64)

Address 19: CAN Gateway

Flash Status

Programming Attempts(application): 1/1

Successful Attempts(application): 1/1

Programming Attempts(data): 1

Successful Attempts(data): 1

Flash Date: 00.01.01

Flash Tool Code(data): 00021 790 06314


Hardware number: 5Q0 907 530 F

Workshop System Name: J533

Equipment/PR Code: 0000000008777157

ASAM Dataset: EV_GatewLear

ASAM Dataset Revision: 011020

Car Info

I assume this was from factory but have heard the counter should be zero?



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Do they not apply the latest firmware in the build process. As well if the ecu is for more than one vehicle surely they'd have too.


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Thanks for the reply,
From what i can gather if it has a flash tool code then its a dealer that's done it but if not it suggests remap etc. Some say the counter should be 0 with the factory flash and would only move up if it had been updated during service etc. My car is a 15 plate and when i booked it in to sort a rattle they told me no updates were available for it.