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EcoTune v Revo (Glasgow Based)

Footiecoach Mar 23, 2018

  1. Footiecoach

    Footiecoach New Member

    Considering a remap for the A7 BiTdi and I understand these cars are pretty nice to tweak to improve the overall drive.

    I've contacted a few places and narrowed it down to either EcoTune or Revo - on speaking to both its roughly similar end results however I'm slightly surprised that Revo have advised it will be a 30mins job as no Rolling Road would be used..........therefore seems its simply just a standard file download and out you go.

    EcoTune will be 2 hours as they will set the map up specifically for your car and get print outs before and after.

    Pretty surprised Revo advise no rolling road used to check the mapping through the full rev range on your car but must be the amount they have done they are confident this file is best fit

    Anyone used either company recently - experiences? My mind is currently on the EcoTune option but always interested in others views as new to Audi (Subaru / Jaguar / BMW previously).

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  3. Bayzoo

    Bayzoo Glovebox Demon TeamMisano Audi S3

    I believe EcoTune are an APR dealer?
  4. AB04DAB

    AB04DAB Member

    I ad my s3 mapped at ecotune last year and Stan is a top guy, his advice and knowledge is second to none. His maps are like said above from APR. I have to say I like how they run your car on the dyno before and after the software is added. It' good just to see how the car is performing before and after.

    I went in for a stage 1 map and ended up coming out with APR DSG software, spark plugs, VWR intake and the APR remap haha

    Hope this helps

    Oh and they have an APR 20% sale on at he moment!
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2018
  5. Footiecoach

    Footiecoach New Member

    Thanks both for replies, wasnt aware they were APR dealer. Basically thats a generic flash file upload to ECU depending on what model you have and not specifically tailored to your individual car.

    Think I'll give it a bit more thought as pretty similar to Revo process by the sounds of it.

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