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Is anyone else getting a bit sick of ebay, whether it be buying or selling? Ive been using ebay since 2007, usually with no problem but in the last month ive had none payers(looks like i may have another after yesterday), none posting sellers until disputes are raised and then like magic they arrive, or sellers who just ignore you as the part proberbly didnt sell for enough so ignore you until ebay gives you your money back so you can start the process all over again (same for selling as well for final selling price fees). This doesnt even seem to be restricted to people with bad feedback anymore - nearly all of them have 100% feedback (or perhaps 99.7 with one negative 3 years back or something like that) then as soon as they get to me its time to stick their head in the sand! Even bought parts from a specialist who said the part would fit then didnt so i had to send the parts back at my expense and couldnt get my postage refunded. Ive been through similar problems before just seems to be happening more and more now. Started to find im buying things from local motor factors and in some cases audi despite the increase in price as i just dont want the hassle.


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I'm still a bit mixed with ebay, I've not had a bad experience yet, nearly did a month ago, but surprisingly, the guy gave me a full refund for their mistake(inc postage), so all is sweet.