EBay Turbo Discharge Pipe


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Someone asked the same question on a group i'm in on Facebook (TFSI Tuning) And alot of people commented saying they have them fitted and the feedback was very good, Alot say they are just as good as the CTS one's but obviously alot cheaper.

They except a offer of £100 aswell.

The only downside they said was to replace the o-rings when fitting them and get some better jubilee clips as the one's supplied are ****, Also the standard MAP sensor is screwed in on the original pipe where-as with them one's it bolt's in and they dont supply any bolt's so before you get to grips fitting them (If your doing it yourself) Make sure you source some suitable bolt's first so you dont get stuck.

Hope this helps.... :)


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Thanks Craig! That makes sense.. I'll probably be fitting the discharge pipe first and leaving the throttle pipe for later.. Hopefully it's worth the money!


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To be fair,anything is better than the squashed piece of moulded plastic that Audi fitted.

This looks to be reasonable quality....only thing I would add is to check there are no loose bits of swarf etc inside the pipe.
I bought one from a very reputable manufacturer some time back which had bits of swarf inside.

To their credit,they were horrified and replaced it instantly.


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I asked if they did just the discharge pipe as i had the other one wouldn't do it, asked if they did a ko3 version no was the answer, they do but its listed as another engine code BYP ?