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ebay sales, no money back on certain items when disputed not as described

@udi A3 Jan 28, 2014

  1. @udi A3

    @udi A3 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Whilst this outcome was just IMO, thought I'd share a warning incase people get stung when items are not as described.

    I recently sold a B7 cluster. I accepted paypal and offered to fit them. On arriving at the car the buy said another guy had try to make a key with a cheap tool hence screwing the clocks up. ( i later found he sold the mentioned tool on ebay himself). I couldn't complete the job due to a 3 hour lockout so he agreed a local garage will fit it next day.

    Feering a not received dispute ( just the guys general attitude) i insisted on a delivery note signed.

    3 days later he threatened to open a case if i didnt refund him. Apparently the accurately described clocks with part number were not suited for his car so not as described. I went ahead and refused and the case was opened.

    I called ebay, they agreed to close the case in my favour no problem at all.

    So i could have actually sent him the wrong item or part number and he would be able to do nothing about it via eBay/paypal. Bit slack on their part if im honest, and it's not the first time they messed up. Last time I ended up with a payment and the laptop paid for in my hands, a claim opened and closed in my fave, and they said they can't make me post it but suggest I should do the right thing!!! Of course I did, was just a postage mix up.

    Paypal and ebay suck
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  3. larry24

    larry24 Registered User

    I have had a number of problems with Paypal and Ebay. It eventually got to the point that I try to avoid using either if at all possible. I have a number of situations that I received money for services and had people open a claim that was completely unjustified. It took weeks to settle most of these claims as I had money sitting around tied up in these things. I eventually won most of the cases, but the money continued to sit for a few more weeks, and even months before I could access it. I have had a few situations where I had to pay the money back, and that was after doing countless hours of work. I completely see where you are coming from and agree. They both suck.

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