eBay motors some right dodgy adds


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Not sure if it’s just me but I spend quite a lot of time at night trawling through motors section on eBay, not much else to do....
Particularly classic cars, yanks, old fords and recently the odd aussy muscle.
There seems an increasing number of dodgy looking adds. By that I mean you see a car of interest, advertised well below what similar cars are fetching, then there’s just 1 pic of the car, read description and you have some spurious email address. There was one I looked at the other night, looked at other items for sale, again all cars, prob about 6-10 listed, all same sort of format, but different email addresses.?

you’d like to think in this day and age of ever increasing number of fraudsters/ scams. eBay would be actively searching them out?


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I'm seeing this an awful lot more lately too. The price is always bizarre too, like £7400. Annoying as the car always looks perfect too, but its usually a stolen photo from one recently sold.

I always report these ads as only takes a few seconds. I believe they are genuine eBay accounts, that have been hacked. They are hoping someone less technically minded like a slightly older chap looking for a car, will fall for the scam and send them an email. They will probably will ask for a deposit to "secure the car", or eventually hand over bank details etc. I work in business IT support so very aware of a lot of these scum internet scam tactics.


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Don't buy anything from "Cars with no reserve Reading / Sterling Cars"
Absolute sheds! Totally disorganised with the paperwork e.t.c.
I won a car in an auction got it back to Devon and started having major issues within a week, took the car back for a full refund which tbf I did get but they promised to sort paper work regarding v5 then 7 months later I'm now getting speeding fines coming from all over Europe :rage: