eBay Diesel tuning boxes

Jim Wilson

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Probably going to get shot down here, but does anyone have any experience of the many diesel tuning boxes available on eBay ?

For £30 I'm tempted to test

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If you want cheap mate buy a second hand bluefin handset and set it to them for a reset. I paid £16 for the handset and I think £150 for the reset and map. A lot more than 30 but a proper job and a fraction of a custom map. Custom is always the best option providing you go to a reputable mapper.


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save yourself some money and buy some resistors from maplins lol

tuning boxes WILL make a difference, do they do it well / correctly / safely....imo no


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I've heard bad things about those tuning boxes, apparently they only give you a slight increase and nothing close to what they state.

When I was looking about for a place I found this site www.remappers.com - you use MPPS to download the current map on your engine upload it to the site then you get it back for you to flash to the ECU


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In my opinion....it's £30 for a reason, If these were decent everyone would be buying them.