Ebay Cv joint


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i bought a pair to do s4 hub conversion but didnt actually need them, they seemed good quality and came with everything needed
never actually fitted them but thats an awesome ebay feedback theyve got


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Anyone used these J&R on ebay?
Was getting one from eurocarparts?

I would spend a bit more and get a genuine GKN one from Euro Car Parts as the one for 15 quid is most likely chinese rubbish. I dont know how you drive your car but i had snapped a few till i realised that only genuine will do for me ! At least buy a GKN boot kit as it comes with the corect metal clips and rubber boot + they are OEM (the same part you will find in a dealer supplied kit) but at 1/2 the price !


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i'd give Allgermanparts a ring and see what they can do, i've had nothing but excellent parts from them and excellent service too.

Ordered all the parts for my engine from them and it all seemed to be good quality stuff.
Recently ordered a CV boot and thermostat, CV boot was Meyle branded and the Stat was made by Topran, both appear to be good quality german OEM's so i'm happy.