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Hey all,

I'm looking for a wax up to £40 which is fairly easy to use. I've used some in the past that take a lot of effort to remove when drying.

Any recommendations or tips welcome.



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Can't fault Autoglym UHD really easy to apply and buff off. Not used many mind, but the above has given me good results so haven't looked elsewhere

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Autoglym UHD wax lovely to apply and even better to remove.....cant fault for the price


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Not used many waxes except for Zymol, which are all easy to remove and leave a great finish, but they unfortunately are out your budget even for the entry level one. Have you considered Finish Kare Pink wax ? (Less than £20 ), in a massive tin that will last you forever and its really easy to use (as long as you follow the instructions) and it leaves a really great finish in my opinion.
I have moved away from waxes now that Im older, I used to enjoy it when I was younger, but now I find it more of a pain. I solely use spray on sealants now, as they are just easier and deliver a better end result for me. My current one Im playing with is WOWOs crystal sealant, which now that i have tried it, I really rate it, its supposed to last a long time too, but I have not had it on long enough to verify it myself, it definitely makes the paint pop more than anything else I have tried. One thing I have noticed though and it may just be a coincidence, but the car is staying noticeably cleaner. Whether thats the Crystal Sealant or not is another question. I want to try Garage Therapy Sigma next as heard good things about that too, then ceramic coatings, then... It never ends lol


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Check out detailed online surreal. There are one or two reviews on YouTube if you want to have a look around

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Thanks everyone for your recommendations. In the end I went for the Autoglym HD wax, so far so good. Easy to use and gives the paint a great shine!