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Early Engines/Power/Gearbox

Mooogie Aug 28, 2019

  1. Mooogie

    Mooogie New Member

    There has been much debate about older A7 models, S-Tronic/Tiptronic gearboxes and what engines they were featured in. My own Feb2013 3.0TDI 245ps had an 8-speed Tiptronic that some forum members thought was not possible in the UK! I have attached extracts from the A7 2012 and 2013 UK brochures below. Hopefully this will help those interested in buying older cars and what is available.


    Getting hold of one of these 245ps 8-Speed Tiptronics could be fairly rare but if you do find a car with this combination, it is an absolute joy with massive amount of torque. Even more than today's 55TFSI.
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  3. andy43

    andy43 New Member

    Good post!! I have a 2015 UK brochure here - facelift 2015 cars are all 7 speed S tronic except the 320bhp BiTDi that got an 8 speed tiptronic.
    I think I've read that ALL USA cars got the 8 speeder too, but don't quote me on that.
  4. PeteA7S/Back

    PeteA7S/Back Member

    My 62 plate 3.0tdi has the 8 speed in it.
  5. Dipesh

    Dipesh New Member

    Me too, I had the choice between the two and went for the ZF.

    It seems to be quite a rare spec having a 245 Tiptronic Quattro

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