E63 hire car whilst my s6 is being fixed - Thoughts


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My insurance company has arranged for a hire car whilst my S6 is being repaired and they delivered a new e63 to me.

I considered a second hand e63 when looking around for my car but decided on the S6 as I preferred it. But that was based on a couple of test drives in both cars. I was a little concerned when they lent me the e63 as to whether I thought I had made the right choice after covering 7K miles in my Audi.

My thoughts on the e63.

Interior. I am not a fan of the digital dashes, the one in the merc goes on for ever. I also prefer real analogue gauges. The merc is just not as nice inside as the Audi. I appreciate I need to get over my dislike for the digital dashes as they are the future.

Seat: Lovely, very snug and adjustable, except the headrest is fixed. I am 6'2" and it is just a little too low for me.

You seem to sit in the Audi and sit on the Merc, the dash is very low and set back. The cowl over the dash screens is also very flimsy.

Exterior: It is a fine looking car, I have it in ice blue, I prefer dark cars and think in black it would look stunning but even in this light colour it is nice looking (obv looks are subjective)

Engine: Enough has been written about this. It is not as vocal as my C63's old NA 6.2 v8 but it has a howl to it that is missing in the Audi. Fuel consumption is pants but that more to my driving style and having some fun in it. :)

Whats it like to drive: In a word. Horrible. The steering is super heavy and feels false. Even in the comfort mode the steering is heavy. The accelerator is either off or on and is hard to be smooth. Suspension is rock solid even in comfort. The engine seems to mis fire but I am thinking this is down to cheap fuel being put in it. Its not smooth on the up changes and seems to have too many gears, its got 9, so when you plant your foot it seems to struggle to find the right gear to be in.

I am off to the office tomorrow which is 160 miles each way so hopefully it will give me some more time to bond with it and get used to it.

Performance: It is quick straight out of the box. As fast as a remapped s6? I think it is close.

At the moment I am happy I chose the right car but it is early days.
Interesting that you find the steering so poor - I'm not sure about the weighting, but usually the Merc's get praised for their steering feel and all the Audi's are criticised for being either too light or artificially weighted and lacking in feel in every sense...

It was a real bug-bear with mine, so much so that after I did the remap, I've just given up on the Audi as a driver's car - I'll keep it as its brutally fast and a big, safe snotwagon for hauling the family around in, but I spent my next round of "upgrades" money on a 2007 MR2... out the box it's only 140bhp, but it's half the weight of the A6 and immensely fun.... THAT will completely re-calibrate your brain as to what steering feel should be like!!

There is a reason why it's right near the top of the Evo Greatest Drivers Cars of all time: the only Audi ahead of it is the R8 and there's a lot of iconic sports cars BEHIND it on the list: 911 turb, Aston V12 Vantage, Porsche Carrera GT, Honda NSX.... http://www.evo.co.uk/features/features/239692/100_greatest_drivers_cars_countdown_5041.html

....and that's BEFORE you start any upgrades! Mine is on adjustable coilovers and road legal track tyres and I've starting buying the parts to do a turbo upgrade, which will get 210-270wbhp before I have to seriously consider forged engine internals and a new gearbox. That is between S6 and RS6R power to weight ratios in a car with no electronic intervention - just a LSD and you keeping it on the road....


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My wife had an Mr2 back in 2007, the one with the revised wheel sizes and altered geometry, great fun and did a couple of track days in it.
My wife had an Mr2 back in 2007, the one with the revised wheel sizes and altered geometry, great fun and did a couple of track days in it.

Yep - that'll be the same as mine then and I can't even blame it on the wife as she doesn't have a license!

I just use "the Go Kart" as a daily commute toy - I need to do 30 miles of country lanes each way.... very stop-start, lots of twisty, tight corners.... the A6 is too big to fit past any other larger vehicles and it eats brakes/tyres and guzzles fuel with that sort of driving (<20mpg if driven with any enthusiasm), while I can thrash the MR2 on the same route and get 35mpg average and have 10x more fun... perfectly suited to the requirements, provided I don't need to take more than one passenger and two small laptop bags :)