E3564 AUDI Control Unit 8T0959792P


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Apr 15, 2022
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Hi guys,

Long time viewer and researcher on here - thanks for all the advice you didn't realise you provided!

Ok, so I need some advice.

A while ago I discovered my passenger door puddle light / red warning light wasn't working.

Eventually I took the door card off expecting to find a lose wire etc, usual fingers crossed situation..

Found nothing, all capacitance tests passed. Plugged in a mechanical mates tablet.. Came back with a Comfort Control Module error. Tried to clear.. nope.

He was able to access other doors and turn on and off the lights via his tablet. So we knew all else was working..

So I checked the part number and found 8T0959792P.. I checked and double checked any eBay exact match.. all looks identical bar the letter under bar code.. I assumed it was a batch etc..

So, all looking one for one I installed the replacement (used) part .. got nothing. Expected the canbus needed to reset.. locked / alarmed the car, came back a few hours later.. osssh. The puddle / warning lights sorted!

Now.. what's the issue?

Drove to work.. popped my driver's window up .. done the all 4 windows check.. clicked all up.. wtf, my passenger window went down lol .. quickly realised the passenger button on my door and on the passenger door was back to front.

So the passenger window is now up = down & down = up.. without trying to find / jump the pins .. is there any easy method? You could argue I put something in back to front but you can't get it wrong. The plugs only go in one way.

Anyone ever experienced this? Is the part faulty or can it be altered via tablet or anything? It's always been as per expected controls via the window up / down. It's just since I replaced this comfort module.

Any help is appreciated..


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