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E-tron 50

Sandra Sep 22, 2020

  1. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

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  3. pagenotfound

    pagenotfound Registered User

    So upto 193 miles range for the 50 or 249 for the much more expensive 55 or 221 for the even more expensive e-tron s. For me, that range would be ok for a smaller city car but this is a large family car that you're likely going to want to cover long distances from time to time. The smaller (and lighter) upcoming Q4 e-tron is likely to have a better range although possibly still not quite enough. Will hopefully be a much more interesting proposition for the next generation. One huge plus for me though is the interiors. Much prefer them to other popular electric cars.
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  4. pagenotfound

    pagenotfound Registered User

    Fully charged took one for a drive not too far from where I live. As I previously mentioned, range would seem to be an issue with these at the moment.

  5. RS4K

    RS4K Registered User

    I have an Etron 50 S line, looks great, drives ok but handling is not up to my standard coming from an S3 8V i feel scared chucking the etron around a corner too fast as it feels a bit boaty, a bit like the old Q3 my sister has.

    i have only managed to do around 800miles since i have owned it nearly 6 months and it is a pain to charge as i don't have a home charger and i feel range anxiety as soon as i unplug the charger lol

    real world around town i think im getting around 80-120 miles of normal driving on a charge with maybe a bit of spirited bursts here and there. i usually recharge at around 30-40% so the 80-120 miles on a full charge is partly speculation based on experience.
  6. B4VVM

    B4VVM Registered User

    I'm looking to buy this as I seem to be traveling a lot for my forklift training business. Any reviews first hand for driving the car?

    I do about 150-mile trips one way to our various forklift training facilities located nationally.

    My worry is the charging speeds

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    Forklift Training London

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