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So upto 193 miles range for the 50 or 249 for the much more expensive 55 or 221 for the even more expensive e-tron s. For me, that range would be ok for a smaller city car but this is a large family car that you're likely going to want to cover long distances from time to time. The smaller (and lighter) upcoming Q4 e-tron is likely to have a better range although possibly still not quite enough. Will hopefully be a much more interesting proposition for the next generation. One huge plus for me though is the interiors. Much prefer them to other popular electric cars.


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Fully charged took one for a drive not too far from where I live. As I previously mentioned, range would seem to be an issue with these at the moment.



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I have an Etron 50 S line, looks great, drives ok but handling is not up to my standard coming from an S3 8V i feel scared chucking the etron around a corner too fast as it feels a bit boaty, a bit like the old Q3 my sister has.

i have only managed to do around 800miles since i have owned it nearly 6 months and it is a pain to charge as i don't have a home charger and i feel range anxiety as soon as i unplug the charger lol

real world around town i think im getting around 80-120 miles of normal driving on a charge with maybe a bit of spirited bursts here and there. i usually recharge at around 30-40% so the 80-120 miles on a full charge is partly speculation based on experience.


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I'm looking to buy this as I seem to be traveling a lot for my forklift training business. Any reviews first hand for driving the car?

I do about 150-mile trips one way to our various forklift training facilities located nationally.

My worry is the charging speeds

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I've had an E-Tron 50 sport since September last year, as you can imagine with lockdowns and working from home distance hasn't been an issue as it's mainly been driving to drop kids off at nursery and the odd trip to family locally.

In terms of driving I've found it ok (had an 8V S3 previously), wasn't expecting anything amazing however it pulls nicely being electric and accelerates well for a big heavy car. Longer term I'm not sure it's viable with the range but will see, I'd much prefer and RS6 as a lust hurrah but that's a dream at the moment!

We've got a 7kw Podpoint wall charger that Audi included and it takes about 9-10 hours for a 90% charge that gives ~130 mile range, we've got a trip to Cromer planned in July for the weekend and it's 130 miles each way so getting there should be fine on a 100% charge however there aren't any HCP chargers there so luckily the place we are staying at have allowed us to run an extension lead to the car so it can be charged whilst we are there otherwise we would have had to plan the charging there and back a bit better.

Will report back after the trip.


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If I lived innacity and had a garage attached to my house I would totally get one of these instead of a Tesla, as long as it had normal wing mirrors and not those T-Rex arm looking stubs. I dislike self driving cars, watched too many movies!!!

But I would get range anxiety as it stands. I kinda get range anxiety already just limiting my car to shell vpower, where I go for drives (Snowdonia) they are few and far between.

I also know people are selfish solopstic idiots. Imagine having your car on charge somewhere and some guy comes along and unplugs yours and plugs his in, or a petrol car driver simply parking in the electric car bays (seen this already at local supermarket, they put the charging stations near the main entrance and you see old vauxhall and ford MPV's parked in them all the time.). Not enough charging stations to go around yet considering how hard EV's are being pumped.