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For Sale Dynavin N6-A3 - Audi fit - Sat-Nav GPS, Bluetooth, MP3, DVD, CD, iPod, USB, DAB

The Governor Nov 13, 2017

  1. The Governor

    The Governor Active Member

    Dynavin Audi A3 N6-A3 - Touchscreen Sat-Nav GPS, Bluetooth, MP3, DVD, CD, iPod, USB - £375 inc P&P (open to sensible offers)

    Comes with DAB module (the only thing you'd need to buy is the DAB aerial which are about £15).

    The unit is complete, boxed, with manual, removal keys, all cables, also included are two noise suppressors in case you get interference from the car.

    Used for 1 year and removed due to me selling my car (Audi A3)

    If you're local to Southampton and wanted to plug it into your car so you can see it is fully operational I'd be happy to do that.

    Includes all parts originally supplied plus fitting keys and a USB cable.

    More info on the Dynavin website here: http://www.dynavin.com/products/n6_a3.php

    Any questions please ask, great little unit, has all the features you could need.

    Delivery will be via MyHermes - if you have another preference I'm happy to talk about it :)

    [​IMG]20170707_182848 by Roy@Flickr

    [​IMG]20170707_182856 by Roy@Flickr, on Flickr
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