Dvd nav issue

Martin page

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hi all , just got my 2007 A4 3.0 awd and love it. Only issue I have is that I have a cd changer in glove box and that’s fine. On radio I have the 2 x sa slots and a dvd sat nav drive. The satnav drive says empty and guess it is as doesn’t do a think. I brought a sat nav dvd and when I try to put it in the slot nothing happens , no click or motor cuts in to try and take the dvd and if I force it a little it just hits something so no give. Have read lots about disabled eject button but nothing on not excepting a cd of any kind or even trying too. I have the vagcom and software which plugs in and is fine . Have tried to follow the channel 67 change to 000 and it seems to do what it says but no different , what try and take dvd and if I press the eject button no noise at all. Am I missing something. ?? Don’t know if I am using the vagcom right as in should the ignition be on and once I click on save it that it or do I have to start the engine or something so I know it’s taken the code. Sorry for questions but keen to get sorted . Thanks