Dual pulley setup


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How does this differ from what they offer currently? Sounds like they are getting closer to cracking the Simos 16 too which is nice!! :)


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I was looking at that earlier.

How close to running the charger on the limit is it?

iirc 21psi is maxing output the charger boost wise,but how close to max revs will it be?

Uprated cooler a must by the look of it.

I've seen boost up at 17psi on the single pulley already.


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They only offer the single smaller pulley for the supercharger at the minute. This will also include a bigger crank pulley to spin it even faster.
I hesitate to write this because I only recently realised that my understanding of what MRC has been doing was wrong. However if you check out this thread you'll see that what MRC do is to change the crank pulley for a bigger one rather than the supercharger pulley for a smaller one. So their stage 3 is based on using an even bigger crank pulley which needs slight block modification in order to fit, and then additional cooling. Based on what Doug has written I don't think it matters much if you have a stage 2 crank pulley and a reduced supercharger pulley or just the stage 3 pulley since the challenge then becomes how to keep the engine cool.


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Pulley specs I stole from audizine
MRC not listed due to it being American based site

Audi S4 Blower RPM_1_3_2016 V3_zpsvjxzpjbf.jpg

From reading it seems 22,000 is the max RPM for the TVS R1320

The dual pulleys all seem to take you just past that limit (except for 1)
I imagine the MRC pulley is the same size as the JHM

taking into account the extra heat etc it seems to be getting very close to scary risks with comparatively small gains


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I believe a lot of the Audizine guys are going upgraded crank pulley because the OEM one could delaminate causing damage.
The bigger lighter aftermarket crank pulleys are single piece so do away with that risk, but yes, I agree, extra cooling is a must if going this route.