Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) vs Solid Flywheel Conversion


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Car: Audi A4 B8 (2010)
Model: 2.0 Diesel TDie (136)

My clutch bearing has recently started to make a "scraping" noise but only when the clutch pedal is fully pushed in, there is no noticeable other issues, and no matter how hard or soft I drive her it makes no difference, the noise is more annoying than anything

I sought advice, which was: The clutch will need changing (master & slave) and to do the DMF and timing belt whilst at it... Fair enough, although 8 hours labour and £xxx in parts not to mention labour costs seemed a bit extreme :blahblah1:

It's been recommended to be instead of changing the Dual Mass Flywheel to go for a Solid Flywheel Conversion

Now my question (after much google love) is:
  • Has anybody done this, or know anyone who has?
  • Are there any pros or cons i should be concerned with?
  • Is the life of a Solid Flywheel longer than a Dual Mass Flywheel?
  • Do you have a guide price on what parts and/or labour? (Although I will be sourcing my own)
Any advice will be greatly appreciated as I would like to get this sorted before Christmas starts raping my wallet