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Dual climate issue

IL3888 Sep 8, 2015

  1. IL3888

    IL3888 Registered User

    my passenger side will only blow cold air not matter what temp I have it set to. The drivers side works fine.

    I have had the cruise control activated but in doing so the guys stopped my trip computer MPG, time driven, miles to empty..... ect. Could this have something to do with it? I don't know how all this stuff works and what's linked into it.
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  3. Mike_B

    Mike_B Registered User

    I guess you're looking at a bad motor / stuck flap with the cold air problem. Or maybe a sensor? No doubt others more expert than I will advise on the other one. I believe there are different DIS settings - certainly some cars don't have the "full" DIS so perhaps they coded it incorrectly? I suspect you'll find the answers to both problems if you can get the car scanned.
  4. hubbo1

    hubbo1 Registered User

    I had this-glovebox out then you can see the motors, these have plastic arms.
    try moving them with the controls and you will see which one doesn't move, I just got some WD40 on mine and been fine since.
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