Dual Climate Control Problem


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This has taken me a while to sort of work out if i had a problem or not but i have come to the conclusion i have now since iv owned the car through winter and summer.

The problem i am having is no hot air coming from the drivers side vents.

I can select auto and put them both to full cold and the fans will spin up and shot out loads of cold air but if i put them to full max hot i dont get any fan increase at all. In-fact they slow right down to a trickle and this is because i think the car knows it cant supply any hot air from the drivers side.

If i put it to manual and set it to blow out the vents then i can adjust the passenger side and get hot air no problem but the drivers side i dont get anything its just continues to blow cold air and then at best luke warm air.

So i think its the heater control valve. This is located under the skuttle cover on the passenger side im told by Audi.

I havnt had time to have a look at it yet but has anyone had a similar issue? Normally they stick open so they dont allow any cold air into the cab and its all hot. Mines the opposite as iv explained.

The car is an Audi A6 2012 3.0 TDI Quattro

Cheers Craig


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Does any one know where this valve is located? iv found the Aux coolant pump behind the skuttle on the passenger side but i cant find the heater control valve?

J M Sykes

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Did you manage to find out the problem pal. Iv got the exact same problem. Been told its the valve, was it easy to fix? Thabks