DTUK for 2018 B9 A4 2.0 tfsi

Dan P

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Hello all

I have decided that I will fit a DTUK plug & play tuning box to my 2018 B9 A4 2.0 tfsi BE and have been looking into getting one second hand.

I have seen a few advertised within my price range on various sites that all look to be the same product.

There are a few questions I need to answer until definitely go ahead with this:

1. Are they all the same or would have to get one that is specifically for my car?

2. If I bought an older one could it be updated to enable use on my car, if so any idea what the cost might be?

Any suggestions/advice would be great.



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You would need one for your car, you could buy a second hand unit and have it reprogrammed, problem with that is the harness may not reach the sensors due to being for a different car


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Or they may be incompatible with the sensors. You would need to speak to AS member @ABYSS who is DTUK, he can advise as to what might be needed. I still have one for my Audi A3 1.4, it would need a new loom to make it compatible, but I might be willing to sell it..
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