Sold DTUK CRD-T+ tuning box. Audi A4 (B8) 2.0 Tdi 177ps

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Sep 29, 2019
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i have an audi a4 b7 2007 s line 170bhp - the tandem oil pump failed which then caused the turbo to seize. i have had a new oil pump fitted and the turbo recond, since then the car is flat. there is Zero boost. the car gets the top end speed eventually but there is literally nothing, id say i was getting 90bhp if im lucky. i have ordered a N75 boost solenoid to see if this is the problem, has anyone had a similar issue? low oil pressure could have broken so much i have no idea.

i have replaced

fuel filter
oil filter
air filter
engine oil
oil pump
reconditioned the turbocharger
the egr has been deleted

there are several other things that i suspect could be the problem. does the turbo have a waste gate actuator aswel as variable vains? maf sensor? fuel injectors? fuel pump? throttle position sensor?

is there anything else that could cause lack of power?
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