DTUK box fitted


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Just fitted the DTUK box to my A4 3.0tdi Quattro 245 BE.

I was expecting a decent increase in performance, but to be honest I am really impressed with the change. I've tried lots of the maps available, but Map 2 + 2 seems to work best for me, and gives performance which is quite frankly astonishing. I used to have a B8 Supercharged S4 and I reckon this is now every bit as quick......it's the torque really, as you feel like you are just picked up and thrown down the road at amazing speed.....very impressive.

No engine management lights on, and my only issue is a possible 'pulsing' or 'surging' sensation but I think that may well be the country roads I drove it on which can unsettle the car at the new ballistic speeds it is doing....i'll know for sure after next week when I use it on the motorway to work and back, but I am pretty sure that's what it is.

So, anyone like me who was 'umming and 'ahhing' about getting one, just do it....really easy to fit and great results.

I have to say thanks to Andy and to Dan who have answered all my questions with amazing tolerance, and thanks again to DTUK for making the car as it should have been from the factory.......Superb !!