DTUK® CRDe® Multimap Fuel Saver System


Andrew - Diesel Tuning UK
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Hi Guys and Girls,

as mentioned in this thread, weve just launched the CRDe which is our latest Insurance friendly module.

As the emphasis is on economy v's power, this like our ECO3 can be declared as a "fuel saving system" rather than a "tuning box" with a maximum power increase of 10%

If you can read between the lines, you should see that the CRDe is infact very similar to our CRD2+ module ;)

The CRDe is available to Audi-Sport members as the single channel option, and as a CRDe(T) 2 Channel system.

So if youre having issues with your insurance company regarding tuning your car, then this maybe the option.

feel free to drop me a pm, or ask questions on this thread