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Dtm Back To Life

dwaramage1982 Aug 18, 2014

  1. dwaramage1982

    dwaramage1982 Member

    So after wanting a dtm for a while but not really wanting to spend what the sprint blue dtm was going for I found this one in Aberdeen.so after doing a 900 mile round trip on a Saturday to go and see it I decided I would buy it and have it recovered back. 1888563_10200808885904654_1312083904_n.jpg
    So after receiving the car 2 days later I set about getting what was left of the engine out and stripping it to see what was wrong with it as the former owner said it was only top end problem but I was pretty sure the bottom end had issues aswell.
    So after stripping I found the balance shaft had seized which in turn snapped the oil pump chain and sheared the bolt to the balance shaft sprocket. 1978789_10200830646128646_398317291_n.jpg
    Also with no oil pump working I found there to be play in the gudgeon pins.turbo was shot aswell as the head and cams.so it was an easy decision to source another engine. 971223_10200947506170074_698711991_n.jpg
    So after sourcing an s3 bare engine I set about taking it apart so I could rebuild it with all new gaskets chains tensioners belt water pump all replaced with genuine audi parts also put a new genuine clutch and master cylinder and slave cylinder in
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  2. dwaramage1982

    dwaramage1982 Member

    Just had to post up this quickly as my phone battery is about to go so ill put rest up tomoz
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  3. Ash B

    Ash B Well-Known Member

    Look forward to more updates! Best colour for the DTM ;)

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