DSG vs. "D" mode 2006 A3


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Aug 21, 2015
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I am a new Audi owner and am getting familiar with my new/used 2006 a3 3.2
in drive mode the transmission seems to move from 1-6 gears pretty quickly upon acceleration and it's downshift seems to do the same with the car staying in 6 gear in the 30mph range and then a quick 5-4-3-2-1 till its at a dead stop. RPMs staying on the lower side and I am unsure if this is normal for fuel efficiency in "drive" mode. In DSG I try to keep it between 2-3 RPMs with 3 being the highest before shifting. This seems to keep the car at optimal performance power but I am sure is not as good with fuel.

As stated, first Audi so I am just being cautious and keeping an eye on things. Any thoughts on this matter would help.

Yes, in D mode the gearbox will get into the highest gear as soon as possible as this is required for optimal efficiency re MPG. When you select manual you are obviously in control of the gear change and the higher the rpm the worse the MPG will be (but having a lot more fun)! Have you tried S mode? When I had my 2004 A3 3.2 QS I hated S mode, really couldn't get on with it especially on the road. Probably ideal for fast-road and track use but then you might as well be in manual mode. I just left mine in D mode for 99% of the time only going manual for the odd overtake or Sunday blast. Have you tried the launch control yet? I did it once but NEVER again. I'm too mechanically sympathetic but by god was it entertaining.
DAVER-- oh that's great relief! I had been worried that I was seeing transmission issues. The car is at 95k and I just got it. Clean car fax and hardly driven over the last few years,, very clean. S mode is great when I am heading up the curvy mountain roads up near Santa Cruz but I couldn't imagine that mode being useful for anything but rallying! Forgive me for not knowing but what is the launch control?
This is my first Audi and I probably stand to learn a lot,,,, any other tips or advice is very appreciated, thanks
I assume that by 'DSG' mode, you mean 'manual'? If so, then manual allows you to provide more input as far as gear selection goes. I normally use D for normal driving. 'Manual' is not fully manual and will up-shift for you at high revs, unless you modify the gearbox ECU map. Search for 'DSG remap' for more info.

'S' mode is what I tend to use for fast driving, until my gearbox is remapped to stop it changing gears when I don't want it to. It is much more aggressive and is not really suited for normal driving as the gear changes will feel more clunky.
I really like all of the modes but am just taking a more conservative approach as I get to know the car, like I said this is my first Audi and there seem to be many options for adjusting things. Is a DSG re-map common? What are the benefits? I will read more on it as well.
re Launch Control. If you have your manual it tells you what to do. IIRC you turn off ESP, Put gear stick into S, put your left foot on the brake and with your right foot press the throttle down to the floor and it holds at about 3,500 rpm. As soon as you take your foot off the brake it will launch HARD! Be warned though it is very hard on your drivetrain so if you have any doubts I wouldn't recommend it!
Thanks Daver,, I did read about that feature and as it sounds super fun I think I am going to leave it alone! No racing in my immediate future :)
However I am wondering about adding a roof rack system for surfboards and if they would block the use of my moon roof?

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