dsg tune


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anyone have a dsg tune on a 3.0 v6 diesel with dl501 7 speed ?

i have a stage 1 cduc around the 300 bhp mark and maybey go further after some bolt ons / offs
Transmission is on factory software , could be better. as its laggy and torque restricting at times
While i had the dsg service Audi dealers say there is no update for my transmission but i know there is at least 3 software updates from my 2011 version .

so for the heck of it was looking at tvs stage2+ but cant seem to find anyone who has done it? maybey for good reason?


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I am not sure if my 7 speed dsg gearbox is dl501, but I got recently tuned my 2014 v6 tdi cduc engine and at the same time dsg tune from Darkside development.
They got like 3 or 4 stages of tune. I went for stage 3 where they will move torque limit and increase clutch pressure...
Its hard for me to state what improvements in drive is down to dsg tune and what is down to ecu tune.
Car does feel in constant acceleration all the way to 4500 rpm, especially on first gear.
Before when I reach 4000 rpm, I could feel that car is just stop pushing me into a seat and did remaining 500.
Hope this helps