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  1. Paul @ Unit 9 Remaps

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    Unit 9 Remaps can now offer Upgraded DSG gearbox software upgrades for the VAG range.
    A DSG Remap will alow you to have full control when in manual & sport mode, and also use of the full power range of the engine.

    Benefits from the DSG Remap are.

    - Launch control

    - Faster gear shifts

    - Torque limits increased in the software side' These limits are perfectly safe and this software has been professionally done.

    - Auto upshift disabled

    - Kick down disabled

    - Cluster Gear display enabled (depending what model)

    For more info -
    Tel. 07454729485 / 01915866002
    Email. sales@unit9remaps.info
    Visit. www.unit9remaps.co.uk

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