DSG Owners - We need your help!


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Hi Guys,

As I am sure alot of you are aware many people have been experiencing problem with their DSG boxes and its costing people who’s cars that are out of warranty a small fortune to get repaired.
VW UK/Audi UK only warrant the DSG box for a 3 year period, again I am sure alot of you are aware that VW of America have now increased the DSG warranty to 10 years / 100,000 miles, a group of us feel that VW UK / Audi UK should also increase UK DSG cars to 10 years /100,00 miles.

To aid our protest we have set up a website for DSG owners to register their DSG faults, once we have a large amount of supports and registered faults we shall approach VW UK/Audi UK about increasing the warranty, if this fails we shall contact Watchdog or a national paper for further help.

The website is www.DSGwoes.co.uk, please sign up and register your faults. If you could spread the word about the site with other DSG owners this would also be appreciated.

It’s unfair that VW/Audi should expect their customers take the cost of repair when they themselves should have designed the DSG box to last the life of a car! Make a stand with us!

Many thanks