Dsg Launch Control


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Hi all. Just read an article in the latest edition of Audi Driver magazine, it states that s tronic equipped Audi,s have a built in electronic counter for the amount of launch control starts the car makes and that after the count reaches 200 starts it locks out the feature in the box?? Has anyone encountered this problem or ever been aware of it? Just curious as I have yet to try launch control..Only had the car just shy of one year:racer:


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I very much doubt this is true..... Never heard of this happening to anyone. Even if it is, get the box mapped and I'm confident 100% this won't happen.


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Will soon see as I think I am nearing that number, too much ****** fun that launch control lol


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Lol thats no fun! "Here you go sir, you can have this Audi for 30k but you can only enjoy it 200 times!".

Even if it is true, as its been said, there will be a way to override it.