DSG box with paddle shift good or bad


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i have a 52 plate a4 with 153k on the clock at the min but some one is looking to swap it with there 04 plate a3 se 140 bhp 2.0 16v diesel half leather sythony stereo system my ? is what to look out for as it has the DSG box with paddle shift has 116k full audi sh did post this in the a3 part but no body botherd lol


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make sure the dsg is fully serviced .. dsg is mint but only if its looked after ...goolge dsg simon theys good thinks and bad things


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Make sure the gearbox oil has been changed every 40k, I wouldn't touch it if this has been missed.

More than likely its been done if it has a full Audi SH but check in the book anyway ;)


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DSG's are good till they go wrong. It is very expensive to fix. just like the DPF and Clutch and flywheel on the B7 diesel