Drying and interior


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Hi guys, just wandering if anybody can shed some light on which drying towel is best..I been looking around and have found 2 types which have interested me...1 is the luxury drying towel i.e. the soft yellow fluffly looking one lol eg. PB luxury drying towel...and the other is the waffle weave one mainly blue colour..Both state they do the same job and soak up the same amount of water but which one's do you use? And the second question is...what interior cleaner do the majority of you use?..this is mainly for the plastics and inlays:bye:


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Hi tku
You cant go wrong with Chemical Guys Miracle Towel. Its the best towel I have ever used !
Interior Cleaner : Poorboys Natural for a 6 month total clean and then Megs QID for a quick clean ever few weeks. It acts much like a QD so is therefore useful for those touch up situations.


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The key difference is whether you like to pat dry or wipe dry; if you like to pat dry waffle weaves are great, but if you like to wipe dry then the deeper pile of the luxury style towel affords more protection and is kinder to the paint. For interior plastics and vinyls in Audi's, we favour Werkstat Satin Prot, as it leaves a factory look finish and is very pleasant to use (no scent either). :sm4: