Dropped an allen key in engine bay


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Hi all,

Whilst helping my Dad cleaning out the air filter in his Golf GT TDI 2007, I accidently dropped an allen key - oops! It fell straight to the bottom on the plastic undertray of the car. Had the torch out and cannot see the allen key anywhere. Started the engine and there's no rattling or anything.

Just wondering if we should be concerned that the allen key could jump up and cause any damage or anything? It was only a small 1.5mm key.

Help much appreciated,

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your saying its landed on the plastic under tray?


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your saying its landed on the plastic under tray?

Hi mate,

Sorry yeah it's landed on the plaster under tray - anything to worry about?


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No, not really.
could remove the under tray.

If he doesn't remove the under tray though, no problem will emerge will they?


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Can't see why not.
Its not like its going to jump up with enough force to smash the sump or fly up several inches in to the fans at the front.
More than likely it will roll/bounce around till it falls out on the road.

If you're really worried tried a magnet and pick it up that way or use it to guide allen out from the tray.

I got a 8mm socket on my tray some where and a clip.
I can't be assed to it out or remove the tray. lol


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Haha my Dad is like that, he just can't be fussed removing the tray, and to be honest neither can I - even though I should as I'm the one who dropped it!

Thanks for all the input, will just have to wait till it falls out


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What is the easiest way to remove the under tray though? I think my Dad is considering doing this now. Would it be to just jack the car up at one side or?


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undo one under tray screw the one under the drivers footwell pull this corner down then give the tray a good thumping in the middle anything on the tray will end up falling out at the lowest point


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why not just jack the front up and tap the under tray til it slides out?