droning noise on s3

Hi folks, just wondering if anyone else has had this, or could offer advice. the car is booked in with audi next month but figure worth asking here anyway.

I've picked up on a droning noise which seems most apparent at higher speeds. It seems to be coming from the rear of the car. The noise changes pitch if i speed up or slow down, and seems most prominent at 50mph or above. its doing my head in.

I'm pretty sure it's not the exhaust, as the noise is still there regardless of if the car is under power or not or in any particular gear.

I first noticed it after replacing my rear tyres (Dunlop sportmax). I figured it might be a wheel bearing or something to do with the tyres themselves, so I went back to the garage who fitted the tyres and asked them to swap the front and rear wheels around. Unforuntly the problem persists, and still seems to be coming from the rear. Anyone else had anything similar?


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I would have said wheel bearing too ^^


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Not on an Audi, but my partner got two new tyres last month and had the exact same, turned out to be the bearing