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drone sound when stopped in D or R (multitronic)

bizza25 Jul 17, 2014

  1. bizza25

    bizza25 Member

    hi guys

    anyone experienced this before?

    I have a 2002 2.5 multitronic with 115k.
    owned past 7 years. (bought with 60k)
    plate was upgraded to 7 with oil change (just before I got the car in early 2007)
    i changed atf oil in october 2010 at 91k (30k later) by audi.
    i think recommended aft change is every 4 years or 40k

    its probably due another aft change now but im wondering if this drone when stopped in D or R with foot held on brake is more sinister than just an oil change?

    if i move the stick into N, the drone will stop.
    i can put into D or R again without any drone until the next time i move and come to a stop.
    never heard this sound before and its very noticeable over that last few days.
    the car still seems to drive ok ..all gear changes seem smooth.

    is this symptomatic of a plate problem manifesting or just oil change issue?

    any advice appreciated...
  2. deano1978

    deano1978 different gear

    Check all your exhaust piping,came come lose n drone.
    Check the heat shielding all round too (around same areas)
  3. bizza25

    bizza25 Member

    thanks deano i will must check when rain off. never would have thought about something being loose and vibrating.
    i had see some oil on the engine mount after last service in april, i wonder if that has something to do with it....
  4. bizza25

    bizza25 Member

    humm nothing obvious in engine bay or underneath.
    defo think its box related. started her today without handbrake on (just in Park ) no footbrake applied ether.
    i could feel very slight movement, then after a few secs the drone would start without moving anywhere.
    applied footbrake and moved out of P to N and drone stopped.

    guys anyone else experienced this with the multitronic on 2.5 ?
  5. bizza25

    bizza25 Member

    just an update on this one...

    had gear oil changed last week by audi. unfortunately the car now seems to be WORSE
    the car left the garage with a clean bill of health apart from worn wipers (only 3 mths old wipers!)
    tyres worn on inside and a suspension bush (that is only starting to wear !)

    i was not informed of any fault codes or driving issues on collection (great I thought problem sorted well worth the £160) .
    unfortunately the car seemed to drive exactly the same after gear oil which was a real a disappointment.
    but maybe this was still good compared to some of the other multitronics that come in!

    now this week due to work duties i had no time to really go for proper drive until Saturday.
    as soon as i was on the ramp for the motorway getting up to speed between 60-70 i felt vibrations that i have not experienced before.
    not very bad but not normal. if that was the only problem i'd think engine or gearbox mount.
    however today as i reverse car onto drive, i feel a noticeable engagement of the Reverse gear after a few secs while my foot is still on the brake pedal.

    most noticeable is moving from P to R with foot on brake. can really feel the gear engage, not just a drone.
    not so bad when moved into D (just a drone).
    slight roll back on a hill when in D but not much before car wants to move forward.
    car seems alright a low revs, smooth gear changes with no vibrations if eased up in speed to 70 or 80.
    im afraid to try the kickdown incase i leave the box on the street.
    no slips at any speed but i think i might also be starting to hear a whine...

    unsure if the gearbox has an oil level sensor?
    im praying that incorrect oil level after the service may be the issue and a top is only required but I also think that would throw a code to the dash?
    i cant see an ATF oil level indicator in the hand book ..does anyone know if there is a dash code that would display for this?

    heading back to audi tomorrow so they can take it for another drive and recheck levels.
    will update findings
  6. bizza25

    bizza25 Member

    audi tech reports some play in the nearside drive shaft that Could be causing the vibration when driving harder and Possibly a gearbox mount.
    levels checked ok/no codes blah blah. they cant tell me anymore unless im willing to fork out 100 per hour for 2 hr diagnosis to remove look at and refit the driveshaft or 400 to replace with no guarantees it would resolve! would be over 500 to do the mount too! not convinced this work would help at all due to feeling the engagement of R and D when foot still on footbreak and not moving.

    Will have to get indi 2nd opinion now more to follow when known...
  7. bizza25

    bizza25 Member

    Just an update on this one for anyone with similar probs.
    Took the plunge an drove the car over to Alex (the polish dude) in Bristol (the guy on ebay with good ratings) Glad I did.
    Within 5mins of driving the car Alex was able to tell me that the 2 drive shafts were on the way out hence the Vibration.
    Also a pump in the gear box not performing as it should (poor psi shown on diagnostic report during drive) hence the noticable drone sound when stopped with foot on brake in D or R, the noticable jerk or engagment of gears when moving into D or R from P or N, the noticable downshifiting of gears, and also something else I never thought of...in colder mornings (10degrees or lower) the car would have to rev harder to drive sounded like a granny burning out a clutch! (until warmed up) even with new oil change last year. So any of these symptoms are related to the hydraulic pump in the box. Alex did say the car could be driven like this for possibly years to come without complete failure and regular oild changes.

    No need for new gearbox as suggested by audi and also renowned Indi here in NI. Just need someone who knows the multitronic inside out, rather than someone who knows how to replace an entire gearbox. The cost for repair of gearbox and upgrade of software was £700. my ferry and fuel a total of about £400. The drive shafts were 400 fitted. So around £1500 all in.

    The car drives so much better, much more responsive in D, I dont need to be in tiptronic mode when trying to clear a junction quickly or switching lanes on the motorway! less smoke from behind too and I cant feel the gears downshift until 2nd to 1st when nearly at a stop. I would say money well spent on this problem. Alex seems to be an honest guy. He tests the car after works for around 40miles and then another 10miles with various tests when I collected to make sure I was happy.

    For anyone reading this, If you have the same issues and live on the mainland I wouldnt hesitate to drive to Bristol and wait while the work is completed.
    He can do a full refurb in 8hrs if your box is really knackered.

    Fortunatly I have a brother living near Swindon so I combined the trip from Belfast with a first visit to his place even though hes been over there 4 years!
  8. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member

    That must be such a relief.hope she stays heathy.My 04 2.5 is tiptronic but has had the ATF changed just cos it can and I hope I don't get any scary moments like yours

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