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DRLs as welcome lights (Like BMW)

Vishal Tween Mar 27, 2018

  1. Vishal Tween

    Vishal Tween Member

    Hi All,

    I have tried searching but feel either I am searching the wrong thing or this just isn't in demand.

    Has anyone been able to code their DRLs to come on when unlocking the car? I read this might be automatically enabled for cars with auto-lights, but it certainly isn't on mine (I have manual lights).

    I don't mean the headlights or fog lights, just the DRLs when unlocking.

    On my BMWs of past (except the E46 M3), the angel eyes/halos would light up when you unlock the car, same on the Merc I had.

    My S3 has no such feature, and I think it would look rather modern if the nice white DRLs illuminated when the car is being unlocked.

    Appreciate any input/direction on this :)

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