Drl to LED


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I’ve had a drl go down on my b8 Audi want 180 for the bulb is a swap to led a better option or can anyone assist in where to buy one at a more reasonable price please.


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£180 thats expensive :sadlike: what year is your car.
Must be a cheaper option on ebay or similar.


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I've been looking into this myself.
Seems like a fairly easy job to swap the bulbs. Mine are still working fine but Id rather have a more white look than the halogen yellow so LED.

P13W are the bulbs required and to access these, the headlights needs to come out (fairly easy) and a couple of predefined holes cutting in the rear of the plastic. replace bulbs then seal up the holes again with silicone/rubber caps.

This thread will give you some more info:


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£180 for a p13 halogen bulb? That is HILLARIOUS!!! - The bulb is worth £2!

Are you sure they are not quoting you for a completely new Headlight?

As for replacing the bulb, replace it yourself with a LED. It's quite a common mod and very easy DIY job


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Cheers for the info. Will definitely do it myself. That was not for a headlight that was the bulb and then he said I’d have to book it in for fitting. I think it was a halogen bulb. I was too busy laughing at him to pay much attention but he may of said it was gas would this be different?