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DRL not dimming when indicating

jdjames13 Feb 9, 2018

  1. jdjames13

    jdjames13 Member

    Hi Guys

    I am trying to work out why my lights are not dimming when indicating.

    I had them retrofitted and they're 100% without lights on, dim when side lights activated and i can't quite tell what % they are with dipped beams.

    Here is my Odbeleven scan, online searches tell me that i should be setting one of the dimmwert settings to 30 but they already are aside from Dimmert EF2. Switching that didn't help.

    Any ideas?

  2. DJAlix

    DJAlix VAG Car Coding Site Sponsor Team Ibis VAG Can Professional VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro ODIS (Offboard Diagnostic System)

    Chances are that they have not been retrofitted correctly, well as per OEM, so changing the factory related adaptation channels are not good work. Have seen a lot of this where wiring has been adjusted to "get things working" as opposed to running the correct connections to the Body Control Module so each function can be controlled.
  3. Carefree69

    Carefree69 Well-Known Member

    Yup, almost definitely not fitted correctly.
  4. jdjames13

    jdjames13 Member

    Do we know what long coding in 09 would turn the LED's off when indicating instead then? That may be worth a try?
  5. Rob2k68

    Rob2k68 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User MQB Platform

    Try this :-

    Select STG 09 (Vehicle Power)

    STG Access Permission -> Function 16

    Enter access code 31347

    STG adjustment -> function 10

    Channel (16) Leuchte2SL VLB10 – Lichtfunktion G 2 to “Blinken links aktiv”

    Channel (18) Leuchte2SL VLB10 – Dimmwert GH 2 to “100”

    Channel (16) Leuchte3SL VLB21 – Lichtfunktion G 3 to “Blinken links aktiv”

    Channel (18) Leuchte3SL VLB21 – Dimmwert GH 3 to “100”

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