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  1. linners

    linners Registered User

    Anyone on here done any quality DIY DRL mods? I used to have a Mk 1 TT and still keep an eye on one of the TT forums and some of the guys on there are geniuses with their DRL/indicator/brake light hybrid mods

    Or should I just look to replace for an OEM facelift unit?

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  3. linners

    linners Registered User

  4. Erf

    Erf Registered User

    I've got a 2008 A6 Avant with xenons and would love to do this mod. If you do get these let me know how you get on.
  5. Chadders

    Chadders Registered User

    They look very nice
  6. gupsterg

    gupsterg Registered User

    I have a few ideas [​IMG] as I had investigated doing DRL's on my car... mine has xenons with bulb DRL's like you...
    So IMO easier for us guys...

    I have not done this but all ground work/prep share...

    The J519 On board supply should have the positive feed so they will work when in MMI menu you switch on off...

    Ref link: Audi Portal: ECU Diagnostic . Audi A6 4F (2005- ) . Central Electric I J519

    From early checks on wiring diagrams my view is that if you linked DRL positive on harness (A) on J519 connector pin A1 (Right DRL) or pin A6 (Left DRL ) that would get you a positive...

    Where J519 is located means you can run a wire from engine bay to it via plenum chamber electric box... as I would not want to meddle with wiring on back of headlight to keep water tight/original state...

    Again all theory at mo :blush:
  7. gupsterg

    gupsterg Registered User

    Been doing some more research... :idea:

    Saw this video....... [​IMG]

    info on YouTube Video.... translated from Italian

    Link:- NaviStore IT


    [TABLE="class: tabellaBoxCentrale"]
    [TD="class: intestazioneBox, align: left"]Daytime Running Lights LED - Interface - VW Audi universal[/TD]
    [TD="class: corpoBox, align: left"][TABLE="width: 100%"]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Code 37645[/TD]
    Product description:

    • Specific interface to retrofit daytime running lights with LED technology.

    • Universal solution suitable for various models of Audi and VW vehicles:
    • Audi A2, A3 8L, A3 8P, A4 8E, A6 4B ...
    • Volkswagen Polo, Golf 5, Golf 6, Touran, Tiguan, Jetta, Passat 3BG ...

    • Function coming-home-leaving home that allows the LEDs light the opening and closing of the car (time adjustable from 30s to 50s).
    • Automatic power reduction in light intensity of the LED power lights and / or turn signals.
    • Increase your security and your visibility to other road users.

    Package Contents:

    • Wiring
    • DLR unit
    • Instructions for use and installation in Italian


    • Operation guaranteed only with strip LED OEM Audi S6 4F


    Original page link:- Daytime Running Lights LED - Interface - VW Audi universal

    SO they've got OEM S6 DLRs + OEM Cabling and a little control module [​IMG]


    So L and R is the respective DRL... the blue line denote the module/cabling link up... in the green box you can see 5 wires my assumptions are positive, ground, CANBUS H&L and another signal connection for module to kick in etc

    More trawling...

    Found this... Link:- Universal Daytime Runing Lights Lamp DRL Module Relais 12V LED R87 Car Auto | eBay

    But another good find :idea: ... Link:- Martin Ko¾uský - Novalisnet - Nejen Audi S6 LED

    The interesting bit... manual link work in below quote [​IMG]
    Their video...

    From their site the generation 4 module... outlined in blue... install in a Å koda Octavia II check their web page for more info/photos


    On page 10 of manual is a very handy wiring diagram which show how the S6LCU5 is used.... I've deleted out other DRL's bar the S6 one's...


    Now on page 2 of manual there is a paragraph...


    So now the wiring diagram go like this... if the module is picking all functions...


    As all A6's are gonna have CAN BUS high/low above is the better/easier wiring method IMO... after checking manual this module support other interesting DRL's like the Skoda Octavia RS and Link:- Hella LEDayline

    Supported DRL's photo Link:- Martin Kousk - Novalisnet - Nejen Audi S6 LED
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  8. dselec

    dselec Registered User

    Hi all i also have a 2007 a6 avant 2.7 sline quattro with bi xenons and the drl halogen bulb, and here is what i am thinking of doing but suggestions are welcome.
    i already have the led rear light full interior lights, fog lights, and side lights but my drl are halogen so, without spending mega bucks i was going to remove the drl lamp holder, join it to the side lights and install a P21W 382 / BA15s led lamp in to the drl housing. this would mean i have the little cap and the BA15s on as side lights so the whole headlight is lit up when full lights are on.
    I was then going to get some led strips like the s6 off of ebay Not sure if i am aloud to post a link so i will describe them, 9 leds bright white that fit in the fog light housing of the a6 which also are used as a indicator. these would then be installed up to the disconnected drl wires via a in line resistor box also from ebay to stop the errors comming up.
    so my drl would be in the fog light housing but these would double up as lower indicators.
    i did read somewhere that it was possible to select the drl in vcds as a led bulb so the resistors would not be needed but maybe need to verify this,
    i already have the option in mmi to have drl on or off etc.

    Any thoughts ?

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