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DRL disable and Service Interval change on new A6 (C7)

Jeeves Dec 10, 2013

  1. Jeeves

    Jeeves quattronly

    Just taken delivery of a new A6 (C7) and the pesky dealers have set it to fixed servicing as is their (money making) "policy".

    Thought it would be an easy change to variable servicing on VCDS (I'm a novice), but it has to be done through section 17 (instruments) which currently shows:

    Address 17: Instruments (J285) Labels: 4H0-920-xxx-17.clb
    Part No SW: 4G9 920 950 N HW: 4G9 920 950 N
    Component: TDieGb Nv H80 0618
    Revision: 30131230 Serial number: **************
    Coding: 33A6200813412600010600

    I had a quick look but bottled out. Any ideas what to look for?

    I also want to deactivate the DRLs (sidelights as I don't have Xenons), but couldn't find anything logical. Again, advice gratefully received as I couldn't see an easy fix.

    Thanks in advance.

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  3. Jeeves

    Jeeves quattronly

    OK - found out about the convoluted way to revert to variable servicing, but still none the wiser about disabling sidelights as DRLs, and the Ross-Tech wiki thing didn't help either.

    Nigel - I got my cable from you in a special about this time last year/year before (can't remember which as its little used). Can you offer any clues where to look?

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