Driving with leaking shock absorber

Took my car s4 into audi for a oil change and they spotted leaking rear shock. They will replace under warranty but can't get it repaired for another week. Is a car safe to drive with a leaking shock. I have not noticed any issues with stability etc


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How many miles will you be doing? If the leak isn't severe yes, as you've been driving it around and not noticed it unless the fluid completely runs out it should be ok. Just no cornering like Stirling Moss, take it gentle..


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I had to have two replacements under warranty both the O/S rear.

They will only replace the faulty one, So if you have more than a few thousand miles on the car the other is down to you and from memory it’s over £200 fitted.

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I had the same issue a while back when in for service, passenger side rear shock leaking replaced under warranty!
I questioned if the pair needed to be replaced.
The answer I got:-
Whilst we would usually recommend that, the warranty will only cover the leaking shock, so should be ok changing one side !