Driving modes/allroad ride height!


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Daft questions really,
But Can anyone explain what the drive modes do on my allroad, I.e do they really change the throttle response that much etc?

also to raise the height in my allroad is it just a case of going into car/systems and keep pressing raise?

I am still waiting on a manual from audi, and didn’t want to change too many settings just yet!
Thanks in advance


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I've got one and played with it for the first month, now it just stays in comfort!
Allroad will jack it up as much as it can depending on the speed you are going (theres a good vid on youtube that tells you the levels )
Comfort and efficiency both keep the ride height at the 2nd bar, as far as I can see the only difference is that in efficiency it will freewheel when you lift off the gas.
dynamic drops the ride to the bottom, stiffens it up, puts the gearbox/throttle in sport and makes the steering harder, it feels pretty good but I prefer comfort.
auto seems to stick in comfort all the time for me but if I drove a bit quicker it may get more sporty.


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efficiency & auto lower the car to dynamic height after a minute (i think) of speed greater than 77mph (120km/h)