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Driving abroad - what do i need

Henda May 10, 2020

  1. Henda

    Henda Registered User

    Hi all

    i know its a long way off but we are taking the kids abroad to France next year. I have never driven abroad before and i am starting to look at getting the bits and bobs I physically need for my car to spread the cost out.

    i have an A3 (8v) with LED headlights so am I correct in thinking i don’t need the headlight sticker things.

    i am looking for a list of items i am required to have with me in the car. Hi viz vests etc? Thanks in advance
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  3. Orange225

    Orange225 Registered User

    You’ll need a euro driving pack, I think it’s mandatory in France.
  4. J10NMM

    J10NMM Registered User

    First aid kit
    HiVis for everyone in the car
    spare bulbs
    orange reflective triangle

    euro breakdown cover just in case
  5. Henda

    Henda Registered User

    my car already came with a first aid kit from the factory in a small compartment under drivers seat. and my car has LED Lights so will i still need bulbs when I can’t use them?.
  6. Dan_G

    Dan_G Registered User

    International Driving License
    Insurance Green Card

    You don't need spare bulbs for LED lights but worth checking the settings in your car menu for driving on the left. e.g. I have matrix LED which adapt automatically to driving on the left.
  7. CHEZ

    CHEZ moderately amusing Supporter

    Not 100%, but I read somewhere that you also need to carry a breathalyzer too.
    Unless they scrapped that law recently.
  8. Alistair D

    Alistair D Hey GOOOOD looking

    • A valid full (not provisional) driving licence
    • A vehicle registration document (V5c) - the original not a copy
    • A motor insurance certificate
    • When you are driving in France, a GB sticker needs to be clearly displayed on the back of your car - unless your car has 'Euro-plates' (number-plates that show a circle of 12 stars on a blue background).
      • A warning triangle and a fluorescent safety vest. If your vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident, you must give warning to approaching traffic. Drivers must position the warning triangle on the road surface immediately upon exiting the vehicle at a distance of at least 30 meters from it or from the obstacle in question.
      • A breathalyser. Anyone failing to produce a breathalyser when requested will receive an on the spot fine of €11.The official announcement states that one unused, certified breathalyser must be produced showing the French certification mark NF. Carrying two single-use breathalysers will ensure that if one is used or damaged, you will still have a spare to produce.
      • Devices capable of detecting speed cameras are forbidden when driving in France. This includes products or devices able to warn or inform of the location of speed cameras e.g. Satnav or GPS systems capable of showing speed camera sites as Points of Interest.
        • During the first 3 years after passing your test, you must not exceed: 80 km/h (50 mph) on roads, 100 km/h (62 mph) on urban motorways and 110 km/h (68 mph) on motorways.
        • On motorways there is a minimum speed limit of 80 km/h (50 mph) for vehicles travelling in the left lane (ie outside lane).
        • It is illegal to use a mobile phone behind the wheel, regardless of whether it is operated with a hands free kit. On-the-spot fines of up to €135 could be issued.
        • You may need an International Driving Permit (IDP) after Dec 31st 2020
    Thanks google:friendly wink:
    Last edited: May 13, 2020
  9. Rich76

    Rich76 Registered User

    Can’t remember which country it is as we drive a lot in Europe for the summer ( check out my threads on it on here) but one of the countries you need a spare pair of glasses if you require them

    regarding the hi viz vests, these must be kept inside the passenger compartment so that you have them on ax you leave the car .
    Mine are wedges under the front seats

    if you plan on doing this kind of trip a lot I would advise you get an emovis tag for the toll roads , so much quicker and easier to use.
    No looking for change at the booth, no passenger hanging out the window to get the ticket, and as you drive through with out stopping normally a much smaller que

    we are due to drive to France and Spain again this summer but really can’t see it happening

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