Drivetrain clunk when first reversing


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Hi Everyone,

I'm sure I read a post on here recently where someone was reporting a clunk that sounded like it was coming from the drive train (drive shaft perhaps). Feels like it does too has there is some movement coming up through the steering wheel. The sound comes up after the car has been parked up for a while, slowly move into reverse and turn towards the right.

It'll only happen once during that trip and there won't be any other noticeable issues going on. Park the car up again overnight, repeat the same action, and most of the time that clunk will come up.

Has anyone else noticed this or experienced this?



andy l

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Could be a couple of things;
Could be the brake callipers grabbing onto the discs when you first depress the brake pedal on the morning, mine does it but only ever when I'm reversing.
Could also be the transmission you will notice a "clunk' especially when you engage reverse gear and again mine does it to.
Nothing to worry about as the cars a four wheel drive there are more moving parts going round under the car like prop shafts and differentials just totally normal.


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The transmission on mine is quite 'clunky' and mechanical feeling (in a good way, I guess) when the engine is cold. Think that's just how it is...


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I thought it could be the brake calipers/pads as well but it's way too loud for that.

Don't think it's a major either but would be good to know what it is and that others have the same thing going on.


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If it as you reverse it's likely the brakes as the floating assembly moves the few mm to the other end of it's travel. But as mentioned, the S1 drive train does clunk a fair bit at extreme lock and slow fwd/bwd manoeuvres - it's perfectly normal.