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Driveshaft's - 2003 A6 Avant 2.7t Tip Auto

turnstyle Aug 24, 2014

  1. turnstyle

    turnstyle Member


    Does anyone know the part number for either a complete ready built driveshaft or just the inners?
    Going to ring the local TPS tomorrow for a price.

    Drivers side has alot of play, passenger side not so much.... but I guess its worth changing both at the same time.
    That, coupled with the vibrations I get points to them being rather worn!

    I've searched the internet and all i seem to get is links to J&R CV joints website. I'm not suggesting they are rubbish..... but £100 for both sides seems crazy cheap. Too cheap IMO and i suspect they wouldnt last too long.

    Cheers for your help


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