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May 9, 2010
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hi fellas
i just bought a 1.8tq sport 1999 and it needs a cv joint or a driveshaft,so can the cv joint be changed weithout removing the driveshaft or is it easier to just remove it.the plan is to get this done then put it thro an mot and see what supprises i get.:faint:
cheers in advance
no need to remove driveshaft, just-

remove upper bolt clamping the ball joints from upper arms, plenty of wd40 needed for this and go carefull. (16mm spanner/socket)
remove hub bolt (17mm hex bit)
remove cv from hub, should be able to twist housing round with upper bolt removed.
use hub bolt to pop cv joint off, (screw it in to press joint off, make sure cv is square to drive shaft)

fit new joint on, make sure it goes over the small c clip on shaft.

i'm guessing it's a front cv?
^^ All that assumes its a front shaft.

When i did mine i just pulled the shaft.

Its not that much additional work, (Do what neil says, then undo the 6 bolts holding the inner CV on) and saves grovelling around in the arch when your trying to reassemble the joint, which needs to be greasy in the right places and spotlessly clean too.

Gives you the opportunity to inspect/change the inner joint boot and regrease the inner joint too.

If its a rear, its a similar procedure, but i suspect you'll need to loosen the lower bolt to get enough movement in the upright, and probably detatch the tie bar.
very first thing to do is loosen hub nut, take middle cap off wheel and use big bar, it will be tight
thanks fellas and yes you guess right its the front cv,just need a windscreen and a downpipe then we maybe on to a winner for the mot.

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