Drivers Window One Touch Not Working

london jay

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Hi, the one touch window feature on my drivers side has stopped working.
It still goes up with one touch but not down as you have to keep the switch pushed to fully open it.
I've tried the open, hold it for 10 secs then close it and hold it for 10 secs but to no avail.
Anyone else know whats wrong please?
Its a 3 door 06 plate.
Many thanks



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Mine is the other way round, goes down on one touch but not up

I know what's wrong with mine, one of the side 'pivot' pins on the switch has broken so when lifted it lifts at an angle and doesn't contact the second set of contacts inside the switch. There are 4 stages of contacts inside each switch, first two on inside for manual, second two on outside for auto

May be a similar problem with yours or the contacts may be dirty or corroded

This is all assumed that there are no error codes for the door module?

london jay

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Thanks mate. I did the reset like it tells you in the manual but its still the same.
I'm just going to put up with it I reckon!