Drivers side window not working.!!!


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Mar 12, 2012
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Pressed the switch to operate the window (to go up ) last night and there's nothing.
As you guess, had to leave my window open all night👎
Took the door cover off today and the motor.
Pushed the glass up and put it all back together, just for safety.
The mirror switch is also not working.
Checked the fuses, all good
Any ideas please??
does the window not work from both drivers and pass switch ?

with mirrors not working check the rubber boot from door to car (drivers side)

very common for the wires to snap and cause this.
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Passenger window switch is fine on passenger door.
Passenger window doesn't operate from drivers door.
Problem is in the rubber boot then
Hi guys,

Don't want to hijack the thread but our problem is so similar it seems silly to start another.

My drivers window wont go down using the drivers door switch. All others work from there except the drivers side passenger window, the one touch UP doesn't work.

Drivers window didn't work from the fob but now it does.

Here's the thing, I have stripped the door loom out and it is in severe need of repair BUT, none of the wires are broken. I have checked them with a fluke and all are electrically in tact and not shorting to anything they shouldn't. I am satisfied that the problem does not lie with the loom.

I have checked the comfort module (by sight only) and there is no evidence of water. In fact, it looks like new around there.

Any ideas where I can look now?

It is looking like that to me also but I'm having difficulty checking it as I have no info on pins etc.

The switches all 'click' as they should. Of course, that doesn't mean they work!
i had this problem after replacing the speakers in my drivers door, window wouldnt go up.

i couldn't find any breaks however one or 2 wires were damaged. i used a multi meter and all of the wires beeped when i checked them end to end so took the motor off and pushed the window up.

i put the door back together then it worked!! very frustrating! all i can think of is that the grey multi plug with the purple cam lock on it wasn't in all the way. i've read on here that it's possible to lock it in place and the plug hasnt made contact. make sure the purple thing is fully open and press it in and see how you get on. :)

if you need a new door loom, i'd put £120 a side for one. i told audi where to go! lol
as Tweda4 says they do look intact its normaly the thin brown and red
sometimes they need a pull as only the wire inside is broke.
I have checked them with a meter, and they're fine.
Will a set of switches from a car with a different engine, be ok in mine?
ie a 1.8 T 2003 A4 avant (or any other variant of the same body and year)?
If you've lost the one touch up on any of the windows you just need to pull the switch up when the window is fully closed and you should hear the motor click which will restore the one touch operation (do it on the switch on the door it is needed). Had to do this on mine this morning after disconnecting the battery on the weekend looking for a possible parasitic drain.
Will a set of switches from a car with a different engine, be ok in mine?
ie a 1.8 T 2003 A4 avant (or any other variant of the same body and year)?

yes any from a B7 or B7
cab wont fit
So a B7 switch will fit also as long as its not a cab?